Unlock the Power of the Cloud

Unlock the Power of the Cloud

Cloud Computing

Moving your business to the cloud transforms inefficient a traditional IT system into a high-performance vehicle designed to support the latest applications, security measures and platforms.  Cloud computing has changed the way we think about IT.  At OmniVisory, we’ve been designing and implementing cloud solutions for more than 10 years. With expertise in a variety of software stacks, including Amazon, Azure, VMware, Redhat and OpenStack, our certified professionals can help you develop a comprehensive cloud strategy that’s right for your business.

The cloud promises transformative gains in productivity and agility while reducing costs. Most organizations, however, face significant roadblocks in migrating to the cloud. For instance, applications containing sensitive data must be properly secured before they are migrated both to protect against the risk of breach and ensure compliance with data privacy regulations.

Cloud migration projects are also risky and complex, requiring many testing and rehearsal iterations that can result in project timeline overruns. Moreover, some organizations fail to fully realize the expected cost benefits of running in the cloud. QAnalytic transforms how data is managed for cloud projects, which helps companies:

•Enable hybrid architectures,

•Accelerate and simplify cloud migration

•Run more efficiently in the cloud