Infrastructure Operations

Infrastructure Operations

As enterprise organizations begin to place compute workloads into the cloud and transform their datacenters and infrastructures to harness the full power of virtualization, IT is under immense pressure to rethink and redesign how to deploy and manage their infrastructure across private and cloud platforms. This proposition is both knowledge- and time-intensive and requires IT staffs to raise their game.

For modern IT organizations, Managed IT Services are an incredibly smart solution to supporting hybrid IT environments. OmniVisory Infrastructure Operations capabilities offer customers modern IT resource management services while keeping costs predictable and controlled so IT is free to concentrate on strategic initiatives that drive business.  It’s rare for an IT services provider to possess capabilities and proficiency across both traditional and cloud environments, but end-to-end Infrastructure Operations is OmniVisory strength, which offers the following technology services.

•Technology Infrastructure

•Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

•Data Center Facilities Design & Preparation

•Data Center IT Systems Design, Implementation, and Support

•UNIX & Microsoft Platforms Design, Implementation, and Support Infrastructure

•IT Strategy, Formulation, and Implementation

•IT Governance, Operations, and Service Optimization

•Business Intelligence

•Monitoring & Maintaining Infrastructure Operations